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Overview of Time Recording within Time®.

Timewatch plc is a Wallchart technology partner and provides a range of addons and upgrades for Wallchart:

WallCHART Add-ons
> Time Recording
By integrating the time® Time Recording solution with Wallchart, you can compare scheduled vs. actual time as well as view project estimate to complete, revenue and true profitability for your Projects, Employees and Departments.
> WhiteSpace® Resource Scheduling Solution
Available as an upgrade to existing Wallchart Installations, WhiteSpace® provides the same core functionality as Wallchart, but with greatly enhanced functionality.
> Complete PSA Solution
Time&Space® combines all of the features of all products in one single, unified solution. Includes: time tracking, resource scheduling, expense tracking, billing, business intelligence reporting.
>   Outlook 365 / Exchange
Seamlessly syncs the resource scheduling systems of WhiteSpace® and Time&Space® with Outlook.