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Overview of the Timewatch Wallchart Addons

With the WhiteSpace® upgrade for Wallchart you can now schedule and plan resources and projects from within MS-Outlook.

WhiteSpace® is fully and seamlessly integrated with MS-Exchange and no only synchronizes with MS-Outlook Calendars, but can run within MS-Outlook to allow Resource Scheduling to be performed within MS-Outlook.

View on-line demos of WhiteSpace™ and Resource Scheduling within Outlook.

The system supports on-line and remote mail users, and seamless integrates with MS-Outlook's "meeting request" system to allow others to be invited to meetings. Pocket PC users can also take advantage of the system, as the WhiteSpace® also supports Pocket Outlook for Pocket PC's / PDA's.

Your existing Wallchart database can be upgraded to WhiteSpace® allowing you to retain all of your existing data.

 Click here of an on-line demo